Independent Damage Assessment Centres (IDAC)

The network of Independent Damage Assessment Centres (Idacs) was officially launched on August 1 2002 when the first four of eight proposed Idac centres opened their doors to the motoring public.

A call centre operator will then provide clear directions to the nearest Idac and staff of that Idac will be alerted that the driver is on the way.

If a vehicle is too damaged to be driven to an Idac, a tow truck will be sent to the accident scene when the driver phones the helpline. The driver, however no others, can proceed to the Idac in the tow truck.

There will be no cost to motorists for the Idac service, even if the services of a tow truck are required. Insurance companies will pay Idacs a set fee for each vehicle inspection.

Each Idacs will have a vehicle assessment bay where trained experts will assess and catalogue the extent of vehicle's damage, identify any unrelated damage and recommend replacement or repair of parts. Idac support staff will assist drivers in filling out online claims forms and completing other report requirements while the damaged vehicle is being assessed.

The Idacs will be open for assessments and claim filing from 8am to 9pm seven days a week, and vehicles can be received at Idacs 24 hours a day.

Idac operators

The three companies to run its Independent Damage Assessment Centre (Idac) network for assessing accident-damaged vehicles are Vicom Inspection, STA Inspection and DelGro Assessment emerge as the preferred operators.

Idac Bukit Batok (Vicom)
511 Bukit Batok Street 23
Singapore 659454
Tel: (65) 6560 3312

Idac Bukit Merah (NAC)
Blk 1007 Bukit Merah Lane 3 #01-11
Singapore 157721
Tel: (65) 6898 0055

Idac Kaki Bukit (Vicom)
23 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4
Singapore 415933
Tel: (65) 6746 8651

Idac Portdown (STA)
5 Portdown Road
Singapore 139296
Tel: (65) 6555 6111
Idac Sin Ming Road (STA)
302 Sin Ming Road
Singapore 575627
Tel: (65) 6555 6888

Idac Paya Ubi (NAC)
5 Ubi Close #01-25
Singapore 408933
Tel: (65) 6841 0055

Idac Sin Ming Drive (Vicom)
385 Sin Ming Drive
Singapore 575718
Tel: (65) 6455 5358/5555




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